Interview with Anne

Chalmers Teknologkonsulter would like to start off the first interview of the year with Anne Keller!

What is your role at CTK?
I am both a project manager within IT and a key account manager.
This means that I have the responsibility to drive projects forward and also conduct sales towards some of our biggest clients!

What are you studying?
I am studing Software Engineering at Chalmers. I am currently in my third year and looking forward to my masters!

Why did you apply to CTK?
I applied to CTK as I felt it was time to do something which both challenged me as well as doing something within my field of studies. Working at CTK is so challenging, rewarding and fun, to be fair I wish I had applied earlier!

The best thing about working at CTK?
The best thing is surely all my amazing colleagues. Although I learn a lot in projects and from meeting clients and cool companies, being surrounded by inspiring and helpful people is what I enjoy the most!