Interview with CTK Alumni Sara

Chalmers Teknologkonsulter values the people that work hard to make this company great and we believe it is important to acknowledge the work that both the current consultants and our former colleagues have done. We had the pleasure of interviewing Sara Nadi who gave us a deeper insight in her work at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and advice regarding being a consultant at CTK. 

Where do you work and what do you do? 

I work as a System Manager and Software Engineer for laboratory information systems at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. What I do on a daily basis varies a lot from system integration between our systems and other health care systems, requirements engineering for new laboratory instruments, quality assurance to contact with contractors when the systems need to be altered or updated. I am also engaged in both local and regional projects which involves laboratory systems. As I am working in a university hospital research is an important field and I am therefore also involved in data gathering and IT quality assurance for research and studies for different types of diseases.  


What is the best advice you would give somebody that is thinking about joining CTK? 

Give it a try because it has something for everyone! The reason for why you start can change during the course as you learn more about the different possibilities that are there, which was the case for me. I started because I wanted to get more practical skills within the field of IT. During my early years at Chalmers I felt that I was trying to be put in a certain box to become a specialist but when in reality I was more of a generalist. Therefore, when I was informed that CTK was about the whole process from sales to project and all the different management roles that this requires, I could see that it was more it had room for individuals like me. 
At CTK you have the opportunity to meet many different people with regards to study program, company or personality. You learn how to work with this diversity of people in different settings which I think is a unique experience. In the end, the close relationships you make with people there, is what will build up your never-ending network. 


How did your work at CTK prepare you for the work you do today? 

Since I wanted to continue becoming a generalist, the knowledge and skills I have gathered during my time as a consultant, project manager and business area manager at CTK has been a great base to stand on. The communication skills you develop during contacts with customers and other project members is something that I use on a daily basis. Furthermore, the processes used in CTK are well established and are the same as the ones used in the industry. This is something that has been of great aid for me. What I ultimately brought with me are all the different situations and how these were handled. You gain another type of reference to problems and can therefore apply this in other similar situations. This is something which is normally hard to gain the school-settings.