Interview with Colin

We want to give a warm welcome to one of CTK’s newest recruits Colin Eriksson! We asked Colin some questions about his reasons for applying to Chalmers Teknologkonsulter and what he is looking forward to do.

How did you find out about CTK? 

It was actually through my mentor who was a part of the board of directors a couple of years ago. 

Why did you choose to apply?   

CTK is a unique opportunity to gain work-life experience within both sales and engineering while working with some of the most driven students at Chalmers. So it felt like something that could really develop me as a person and engineer.       

Senior consultants have held lecture, activities and different missions during your first week of training. What has been your favorite so far?   

The first week of training was great and I would say the best part was to learn how CTK conducts sales since I hadn’t really worked in that way before. And it was really nice to see how interested companies are of what CTK can do for them 

What are you looking forward to do by working at CTK? 

I am most excited about the work within projects where my competences really are challenged and developed in teams with driven students from all over campus.