Interview with CTK Alumni Elin

Chalmers teknologkonsulter had a chat with CTK Alumni Elin Almroth, who worked as our HR Manager during her time with us. Here are her inspiring words regarding her the work she did at CTK and the work she does today at Visiba Care!

Where do you work and what do you do?  

I work at Visiba Care as the Head of People and Culture which means I am the director of the HR department at the company. This entails working with everything regarding the wellbeing of the personnel – from culture engagement to compensations and benefit and everything in betweenVisiba Cares goal is to have “the worlds most engaged team” and to achieve this we constantly have to keep learning and developing. I am a part of the management team where I work closely with the CEO and I am in charge of strategic personnel work and employee branding. This is truly my dream job and I could not ask for better people to work with to make this a great environment to be in.  

What is the best advice you would give somebody that is thinking about joining CTK?  

Just do it! For me CTK was a place where I could implement what I’ve been taught at school and what i believe in. It was a great place to gain work experience, as CTK gave me a chance to work with a range of different questions that arise within a company. You worked in an environment where you were encouraged to take initiative and try out different methods to develop a wide set of skills. I also met a bunch of great people I would not have met otherwise.  

How did your work at CTK prepare you for the work you do today?   

Working at CTK preparade me for a job i wanted to do while i still was in school. Career wise, this was great way to get a kickstart and when I graduated, I had the opportunity to apply to positions I otherwise would not have been elidable for. Working at CTK led to the dream job I have today.