Interview with CTK Alumni Johan Wall

Chalmers Teknologkonsulter would like to introduce our next alumni Johan Wall. Johan is currently doing his masters and he told us a little bit about what he learned during his time at CTK.

Where do you work and what do you do?

After I had conducted a year as an architectural intern at Tyréns I went back to Chalmers last autumn to study for a master’s degree. I study ‘Architecture and Urban Design’ and I’m especially interested in the field of computational design, which I have the fortunate opportunity to explore within my master’s. 


What is the best advice you would give somebody that is thinking about joining CTK? 

Embrace the sales! When I first started at CTK I considered the ‘sales part’ of the job to be quite uncomfortable and awkward. But practice makes perfect and over time I learned how to better pitch ideas and establish relationships with clients. Now I’m applying this skill as a freelance architect in parallel with my studies and I receive more project inquiries than I can handle. My experience regarding sales is that there are no shortcuts – practice is everything, so just keep at it! 


How did your work at CTK prepare you for the work you do today? 

My sales and project experience from CTK was very beneficial for my internship and, as previously mentioned, I have great use of these skills today as a freelancer. 



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