Interview with Hanna

We got in contact with Hanna Eriksson and asked her about her thoughts surrounding CTK and her decision to apply.

What is your role at CTK? 
I am a junior consultant within the engineering department. 

What are you studying
I’m doing my bachelor in Architecture and engineering and I’m in my third year.  

Why did you apply to CTK?
Before I applied to CTK I hadn’t really heard of the company but after going to the After Work they hosted, where I got the chance to talk to the consultants and hear about their projects, I was inspired to apply. I wanted to do something outside of my studies and get some work experience and this seemed like a perfect fit.  

The best thing about working at CTK? 
It has been great to be able to meet with various companies and getting to use the knowledge I aquire at school  in a practical way. I have also gotten the oportunity to build on that knowledge. Working around motivated people with different competences, in real business environments, has been amazing as well. 


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