Interview with Max and Joel

It is time to introduce the new CEO and EVP of Chalmers Teknologkonsulter. Max Lundström (CEO) and Joel Trollheden (EVP) – we are very excited to have you on board!

We had a chat with Max and Joel about the possibilities and challenges this upcoming year might bring.

What is your background at Chalmers and CTK?

Max: I have completed my bachelor within Industrial Engineering and Management and my first year of the master Quality Operations and Management. I have been employed at CTK since September 2018 and have had the opportunity to be a consultant, project manager, and business area manager.

Joel: My background is in Mechanical Engineering here at Chalmers. I’ve worked as a consultant for a year, then a competence area manager for a year and finally now I’ll start my role as the EVP 

What do you look forward to during this upcoming year as CEO/EVP?

Max: I am looking forward to the opportunity to lead, help, and challenge the employees at CTK. There are few companies where I have found as driven, competent, and kind individuals as I have at CTK. I believe that we will have a year with a great deal of work and laughs.

Joel: I look forward to work more with all the amazing people here at CTK and to see them grow from day to day and being able to learn from each other. One of the many ways I plan to work with this is to develop a solid and effective management team that will be able to lead CTK to another level.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Max: The greatest challenge will be to balance the daily operations with the improvements Joel and I want to implement. One year is a limited time and I want the changes we perform to be cemented into the company whilst CTK continues to grow and provide value to our customers.  

Joel: I think the biggest challenge for me will be how and where I choose to invest my time. There’s many things that I want to develop and have ideas for but not enough time to execute on all of them. I will have to prioritise a lot and to know where my time has the biggest positive impact on the company performance is something I will have to keep reflecting on throughout this upcoming year.

What knowledge can you bring with you from the previous CEO and EVP? 

Max: To take a step back. To slow down and think why we are doing what we are doing. With some workdays becoming intense it is essential to give yourself time to reflect about if we are doing the right thing and adjust direction accordingly.   

Joel: To be humble. That we as a team have to work together to be able to run and improve this organisation. This doesn’t just apply to me and Max, it applies throughout the whole company, from when I work with the management team to when I work with an individual consultant regarding a project that they are a part of. To listen to feedback and to always ask for help from the competent people around you.


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