Interview with Natalia

We got in contact with Natalia Jurczynska for a quick interview were she told us more about her thoughts surrounding CTK and her decision to apply.

What is your role at CTK?   
I am an IT consultant. Currently involved in one project.

What are you studying? 
I am a second year Master student in Applied Data Science in the combined programme between University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. At the moment I am doing my Master thesis at Volvo Cars.

Why did you apply to CTK?   
There were multiple reasons! Firstly, I was looking for a flexible part time job during my first year of studies preferably in the area closely related to what I was studying. Secondly, consulting seemed to be a good option for me, as it gives you the opportunity to work in many areas, get to know the Swedish market and working style and try yourself in different projects. Also, the company values were in accordance with my personal view. And last but not least – people! I had a feeling that the people who work there must be my kind of people, as we both shared the same attitude of doing something extra during our studies.

The best thing about working at CTK?  
Hard to decide upon one thing. I like the way we work – the flexibility, independence and trust. We inspire each other, so we can grow and learn together. Working here I have a feeling that I have an influence on how the company can develop and my work really matters.