Interview with CTK Alumni Niklas

Chalmers Teknologkonsulter aspire to be a company that inspires students and gives them an opportunity to put the knowledge they gain at school to use. Throughout the years we’ve had many driven students working at CTK and the next person we would like to introduce is  Niklas Arhusiander, another one of CTKs impressive alumni. We had the chance to talk to Niklas who shared some good advice regarding meeting people, networking and preparing for the future.

Where do you work and what do you do? 

I work at ÅF Pöyry AB as a consultant in the technical analysis business unit. My tasks vary with each project but have structural analysis in common. In my current project at Valmet AB I do calculations and dimensioning of large tanks in the pulp and paper field. Previously I have mainly done pipe system analyses, which includes many different conditions that shall be fulfilled.  

What is the best advice you would give somebody that is thinking about joining CTK? 

In my experience, CTK is about meeting people, networking, trying out different tasks and putting yourself in new situations. This is done in a creative environment where everything is built by the employees, and everyone have the possibility to influence the way of making business. If any of that (or making money while building a professional CV) sounds compelling to you – do apply. For those of you that already are in the organization: enjoy the openminded environment and grab the opportunity to try out your ideas – both in sales, social and business. Try to get in contact with companies you are really interested in and learn what kind of tasks that you feel passionate about.  

How did your work at CTK prepare you for the work you do today?  

I assume it had an inpact in making it easier to get my employment. I don’t think it helped me perform structural analyses much, but it has been useful in meetings and in understanding the need of other parties. I also feel confident in progressing to sales, which is my long term plan.