Interview with Lukas

Let’s welcome our next interview: Lukas Thell.

What is your role at Chalmers Teknologkonsulter?
Right now I work as Business Area manager here at CTK. As a Business Area Manager I’m responsible for sales. I’m also part of the management team where we work strategically to always improve the company. Besides these tasks I also work with consultant tasks which consists of contacting and meeting new companies and conducting projects.

What are you studying?
I’m studying mechanical engineering – my 3rd year.

Why did you apply to CTK?
I applied to CTK to get some practical knowledge and face problems from the industry. Another reason was to meet companies from various sectors, but also to meet students from all of Chalmers educations.

The best thing about working at CTK?
The best things about working at CTK is that you learn things that no school could ever teach. You learn how to represent yourself and your employees when meeting companies. You get experience from conducting real projects and you get to be a part of a network of ambitious students.