New members of the Management Team

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What are you studying, which role do you have at CTK? 

Robin: My name is Robin Wahid and I am currently studying my last year of the program Quality and Operations Management. Listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast, reading stoic philosophy and working out and eating a lot of food is what I enjoy. At CTK I am the CAM – Competence Area Manager – for business development; I have and overview of the ongoing and upcoming projects within business development and day-to-day tasks include: matching internal competence to client need and build project proposals, assigning project managers and consultants to projects and quality assurance.  

Kardo: My name is Kardo Marof and I am currently studying Software Engineering and Management at GU, currently at my second year of my bachelor’s degree. Besides coding, I like to spend my time producing ambient music, reading, and tricking. I work as a DevOps Manager at CTK, I am responsible for the underlying software development methodologies used on the projects for the IT department. A part of my job also includes maintaining the internal management technologies we currently use at CTK, and minimally maintain previously deployed servers for clients. On a daily basis my tasks include developing software products and having an overview for all the other currently running projects within IT to assure product quality and delivery. 


What made you apply to the position you have today?

Robin: While accumulating competence, skills and knowledge from the academic sphere I have yet not been working on leadership and the “people side” of projects. This in combination of having multiple ongoing projects is why I applied for this particular position.   

Kardo: I wanted to grow as a developer in the real world with the technical skills I had acquired from University. I also had the tendency to learn more about the inner workings on how to run an organization from a management standpoint, as a part of my goal is to also establish a student consultancy company back in my home country where such opportunities for students don’t yet exist. 


What has been the most challenging so far? 

Robin: As a newly, externally employed I would say that the biggest challenges for me has been not being exposed to the underlying processes that junior and senior consultants have been through. Another thing is coming from a place where you almost solely focus on the task itself and now being responsible for the people that are performing the task; which is a big switch for me.  

Kardo: The biggest challenge I have faced happened most recently in fact. I was responsible for pushing an update for an application that is currently in development for a client testing session that was due the day after, and during the evening when I had to push the update I went through the testing and discovered many bugs, errors and code conflicts that needed to be resolved. This required me to stay up all night to fix everything after working more than a fulltime shift and finally to be done to push the update during the morning to which I had to start another fulltime shift. 


What are you looking forward to the most as a new CAM/DevOps Manager at CTK?

Robin: While being here less than 2 months, it is safe to say that I’ve never met people so driven, enthusiastic and eager to develop themselves and their surroundings. To be apart of this culture and learn from others are what I look forward to the most.  

Kardo: As recently being promoted the DevOps position I am very excited to implement and test the ideas I have for this role, see the outcomes of them and help leading the IT department to a better direction.

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