Conducting an evaluation of 3D – printing to further understand the potential in a company 

Stena Metall AB is a leading recycling company that collects, refines and recycles all types of waste. They also handle production of aluminum from recycled raw materials, deliveries of steel products, finance activities and international trade in steel, metal and oil. 

Stena Metall AB, mainly their subsidiary Stena Components AB, wanted to introduce 3D printing (additive manufacturing) within the company. To get an objective and critical view of the area, Stena Metall chose to hire a cross-functional project group from CTK with expertise from Business Development and IT Management. The goal was to get answers for both questions in the manufacturing process and get a current and future business perspective. 

CTK alumni Erik Hogberg worked on the project during his time with the company and was in contact with Mikael Bramsen who oversaw the project from Stena Metall AB. We got in contact with both to ask some questions and get a bigger picture of the work that was done and their different perspectives.   


Can you give us a short introduction on the project and what was CTK’s role in it?? 
Erik: The purpose of the project was to conduct a market analysis of additive manufacturing in the steel industry. The client wanted an initial investigation on the manufacturing techniques, costs and a mapping of actors within their market segment. This was done to understand the potential of the technology in the client’s organization. The project team consisted mainly of me and my colleague Joakim Viström from Management Consulting.  

Why were you interested in working with CTK?  
Mikael: We wanted a fresh take on additive manufacturing. Also the education background was important to us. 

What was your personal contribution?? 
Erik: As Competence Area Manager for IT Management by that time, my focus was to highlight the potential digital capabilities with additive manufacturing in the steel industry from a strategic point of viewIn addition, the project underlined the organizational impact, as additive manufacturing brings major changes to traditional manufacturing. 

What knowledge or experience have you gained working with Stena Metall?  
Erik: It brought insights in the steel industry with the challenges and opportunities Industry 4.0 brings to organizations. But even more important, it gave me valuable working experience that has been beneficial in my current role as an Associate at Digital Transformation & Innovation at KPMG Sweden.  

What did you think about the work you did together?    
Mikael: It was a pure pleasure to work with CTKThey delivered a high class report and I think that we could contribute by helping them understand what was important from a business perspective.