Project: JOAB

Chalmers Teknologkonsulter are proud to announce their cooperation with JOAB. The project CTK were responsible for was to update and improve blueprints, assemblies, parts and documentation regarding the CAD-library. The purpose for the project was to reduce lead time and increase quality through updated and uniform data that the manufacturing process is based on.

This project has given JOAB the ability to work continuously and efficiently in their assembling work. Furthermore, this project has provided student consultants at CTK a great opportunity to combine theoretic learning with practical implementation.

Special thanks to the CTK consultant team Alexander Kebedom, Joel Trollheden, Getoar Kumnova, Simon Carlsson, Mikael Mousavi and Dejan Lolic.

CTK also wants to thank Alexander Aldenbring, Simon Fuchs, Lars-Erik Lindqvist and Daniel Boström at JOAB group.

Joel Trollheden: “The opportunity to work in this kind of project has been very instructive since I have been able to apply my theoretical knowledge that I have acquired in school on a real problem. You must think outside the box but also clarify and define the goal before you can create standards for yourself and the group. This is something I will take with me both in my continued studies and in my future worklife.”