The team behind the project: Neoventa

Azfar Imtiaz, Charitha Madapatha, Sarosh Nasir and Peizheng Yang – all from different backgrounds, have been working crossfunctionally in the Neoventa project.


Neoventa is a medtech company that is working on ways to monitor and analyze the health of expecting mothers and their babies. Chalmers Teknologkonsulter has assisted Neoventa with developing a signal generator that simulates heartbeats and a complimentary app. The team that has worked in the project has a wide and multicultural background with consultants from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China and Sweden. By working cross-functionally in the fields of computer science, electronics and biomedical engineering, the team has been able work towards a common goal, while focusing on the different strengths of each individual. 


“The collaboration with CTK has been satisfactory. The student consultants are professional, take expected initiative and deliver according to agreed-upon time plans and project specifications. Several different consultants with different educational backgrounds have been involved in the project, and individual consultants have been replaced throughout without it causing any noticeable delays or quality issues. For projects with similar scope we would recommend employing CTK and we will probably do so again. The greatest advantage is the availability and flexibility of consultants with the required skill set to drive the projects at a competitive cost.” 

– Johan Sundberg, CTO Neoventa


We had a chat with the project team, and the four consultants shared their experience and thoughts about the project. When asked about what they have been doing, the team expressed that they have all had very different tasks and responsibilities. 

“As the sole Android developer on the team I’ve been working with both the backend and frontend (UX & UI design) of the app.” – Sarosh

“I’ve been working on the simulator’s hardware. The simulator is developed based on a common microcontroller (Raspberry Pi), which is the control center of the signal generating system.” – Peizheng

“Mainly my objective was to design and produce the PCB (printed circuit board) for the system.”  – Charitha

Have you learnt anything new while working in the project? 

“Working on this project has been the closest I have ever worked with hardware. This was a new experience for me, and it was very exciting delving into the details of hardware configurations, and I found working with the Bluetooth functionality particularly exciting and eye-opening.” – Azfar

“Setting up a bluetooth client was already new to me and then having it communicate with the RPi took it to another level. All of this was frustrating at first but the whole experience was very fun, exciting, and insightful!” – Sarosh

Charitha also thinks that the process has been rewarding, by learning more about PCB designs and for the first time designing one for a real client. 


What did you think of working in a crossfunctional team? 

“I have enjoyed the experience of working in a crossfunctional team. There is so much to learn, sometimes overwhelmingly so! But it forces you out of your competency bubble and you realize how things are done in other competency areas. It has been exciting to see and work with the engineering and hardware side of things. Watching how it all comes together has been quite fascinating too!” – Azfar

Sarosh says that he thinks it has been very interesting, fun and a little confusing to work crossfunctionally. Although, he thinks the team has had a well-functioning communication. “Each member has been able to ask what’s been confusing to them without being judged and I think this has made it easier for us to work together.” 

“This is the greatest part of this project! My background is electrical engineering, and I have learned something about IT and software development more or less by cooperating with my teammates.” – Peizheng


The project team


Azfar Imtiaz 
From Islamabad, Pakistan
Studying MSc in Computer Science at University of Gothenburg




Charitha Madapatha 
From Colombo, Sri Lanka
Studying MSc in Communication Engineering at Chalmers University




Sarosh Nasir 
From Gothenburg, Sweden
Studying MSc in Software Engineering at Chalmers University




Peizheng Yang 
From Chongqing, China
Studying MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Chalmers University



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